Males Reveal The Creepiest Ways Girls Have Hit On Every one of them

Guys Reveal The Creepiest Strategies Girls Have Hit On Them

Guys Reveal The specific Creepiest Ways Women Have Hit For them And Oh The particular God

In North America, interpersonal norms dictate that will will more regularly in comparison to not, we are going to those tasked along with nearing the reverse sex to start romance. There are usually exceptions, sure, yet as a guideline we select that we want in order to approach, as well as the women select who these people want to discuss their time along with.

And it kind of sucks! It takes balls to approach a random woman, and the fear of getting rejected is real. It’s so real, in fact , that many a man has wondered aloud how much sweeter life would be if the roles were reversed. Imagine that, ladies hitting on men! Would it not indeed become paradise? If this AskReddit thread will be any indication, the particular answer is a good emphatic no. Men shared the creepiest ways women possess hit on all of them, and let’s simply the grass will be not always healthier on the some other side.


There was this particular girl who delivered me a committing suicide note and informed me “I really like you a lot that will I’d die without having you”. We have been speaking for about a few days at this particular point


I used in order to drive a fango (well, a sedan service, but it wasn’t a stretch). We picked up the rich, drunk, middle-aged couple, and the particular woman got the girl face up among the front chairs and stared at me for a few minutes, then she said, “so, do you wanna f*ck tonight? “

I didn’t say anything, pretending she was not talking to me, and I met her husband’s eyes in the mirror. He was just rolling his eye and shaking their head sadly. Whenever we arrived in their resort, the particular bellmen had in order to literally drag the girl out of the particular car.


Had the sloppy drunk cougar a few shithole jump in West Va groped my rubbish as I strolled past, then stated loudlyВ mmm, mama loves her salami.

Gotta be truthful, I wasn’t actually mad.


She published smut poetry regarding using a three method with the sibling and me personally.

Then the girl go through this to a entire senior high school throughout the school wide poetry recital within the specific auditorium.


Sent me personally personally pictures associated with personally through the windows from the girl left car outdoors my apartment. The particular kicker was it had been from an unfamiliar number as the girl was using the third party messages app.

She thought she had been cute, but this creeped the ay hell out associated with me.

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I was in an open microphone and there was a fat Jamaican woman twice my age who sang a song with the refrain “There is a new thin line in between liking and adoring, and also a thick range between LICKING IN ADDITION TO F*CKING”. The music lasted 6 mins plus the whole moment she was looking me dead inside the eye.


In middle school there is this girl of which accustomed to crush about me hard. I actually had no interest to her, so that it was mostly merely her pestering myself constantly.

Well one night, when i was out with a friends. She shattered into my residence and taped above a hundred images of her deal with photoshopped to possess the woman and i together all over my walls.

She believed it was the particular cutest thing within the world, yet I hated the girl after that, plus mother and father called the particular cops


First, she requested me to arrive as well as sleep along with her. Which was not really the creepy component.

When We declined, she began describing all the points she desired to perform with me. That will also was not really the creepy component.

After the girl second failed try, she threatened in order to give a blowjob to the 1st guy she fulfilled if I did not consent to come home with her. That was bizarre, but it still wasn’t typically the creepy part.

Finally, not extended after I’d still left the party where this was just about all occurring, I received a text concept from an unidentified number. It detailed my full brand, my address, in addition to the colour of automobile that I forced… and it had been followed shortly afterwards by another concept, which read “See you soon. “

That was typically the creepy part.

The joke got been onto the woman, though, because I actually didn’t go residence in the evening.


Girl inside a bar set her fingers upwards to my nose area and asked easily liked her aroma.


I’ve told this specific before, but any time I used to be a bouncer with a dive club during an amazingly cold winter, I actually had a female sit in typically the booth closest typically the door wherever I had developed developed to conclusion up being, in addition to fellate every in addition to every smolder of your respective entire huge holder of french fries while attempting to be able to hold my attention contact. I suggest, I really could see a person doing that about one or maybe more french fries, while seeking to end up being sexy. That is a tiny weird, but no matter what. But she from down and fellated about a single pound and a 50 percent of fries. Drawing and licking every one, while staring straight at me personally. She did not really possess the “coy glance” down at almost all. This was a good aggressive, almost violent sex act perpetrated on a potato directly at me personally. Also it went upon for over the half hour. And am was a captive audience, because We had to come to be inside the door, likewise it was just like 8-10 degrees outside.

Welp, which often it, never on-line dating again. Browse the particular whole twine here, if an individual challenge.

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