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Can I actually use condoms together with it? Yes. An individual can use condoms nevertheless they have to be able to be polyurethane condoms; latex condoms is probably not as effective inside protecting against Sexually transmitted diseases because Zestra is usually an oil in addition to may compromise typically the efficacy of acrylic.

As properly, as the female condom is made from polyurethane, this is also secure for use along with Zestra.

Exactly how much does this cost? Zestra arrives in three various sizes:

  • 4 milliliters (6 uses) expenses about $25 US
  • 10 milliliters (16 uses) costs about $45
  • 15 milliliters (26 uses) costs about $65

Is there the money-back guarantee? Indeed. If for any kind of reason, you are usually not satisfied along with Zestra, return the particular product within thirty days and a person will get a complete refund, minus delivery and handling.

What’s the product’s corner life? Around a single year, yet to be sure, the particular jar has a “best when used by” time imprinted upon that.

Exactly just how should it come to be stored? Zestra must be kept far coming from heat and soft, so keeping this specific within your storage might be best.

Is there something that should be prevented when utilizing Zestra? Indeed. Although Zestra will not taste awful, it doesn’t possess any added fairly sweet flavor, so this does not exactly flavor wonderful either. Carrying out cunnilingus following the item has been put on the area will be not recommended. You needed be better served performing oral sex before application of Zestra.

Is it available in pharmacies? Not yet, but for now, you can order it by visiting

who shouldn’t use it?

Because studies haven’t been conducted on such women at this time, Zestra is not recommended for the following women:

  • Pregnant women
  • Lactating women
  • Women who are trying to conceive
  • Women who are experiencing unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Women with yeast or bacterial infections

In case your lady doesn’t get into any kind of of the over categories, and however has a difficult experience achieving full upon sexual satisfaction when this comes to pre-sex games and sex, this particular product can function to help boost vaginal sensation that will may result in climax. Hell, it may actually enhance the connection with already orgasmic ladies. Consider it the bedroom component connected with sorts.

All women in typically the particular study applied placebo (inactive oil) five times plus the particular active (Zestra oil) five periods during pre-sex video games and vaginal lovemaking intercourse. Out of the something like 20 ladies in the examine (10 women together with Woman Sexual Sexual arousal levels Problem, or FSAD, plus 10 without), 3 through the subject matter documented one occurrence associated with slight genital burning of which lasted between several to 30 mins while first applying the product. (Keep in mind of which that of typically the three girls that knowledgeable a burning experience, two were identified to have oral yeast infections, which often is why this device should not end up being used if the female has such attacks. )

But get worried not; if the women’s experience is not really a new positive one, you may return the empty portion within 1 month and get your current money back.

Nevertheless, Zestra was properly tolerated by the majority of females and increased their particular level of want, and in addition fulfillment together with sexual excitement ranges, genital sensations, intense pleasure, as properly as the capacity to have lovemaking climaxes — also within ladies who else were presently using antidepressants (the unwanted side effects of medicine typically range from the lack regarding sex arousal, wetness, plus decreased orgasmic capability).

zestrally clean

Because ladies sexuality will be fairly more complicated in comparison to men’s, it can not really probably people actually be the fast solution that may remedy the problem for ladies with sex excitement levels troubles. For the moment, nevertheless, Zestra has taken the specific bull from your edges to help every guys and their own own gals accomplish the larger level connected with sexual fulfillment.

To put it simply, Zestra will be the particular solution with respect to good thoroughly clean enjoyable when obtaining unclean at intercourse. Enjoy.


This certain article is introduced in part merely by ZestraForWomen. com

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