Uncomfortable Sex Moments

Embarrassing Sex Moments

These Brutally Embarrassing Bedroom Secrets Are Too Hilarious Not To Share

We’ve all been there. The time you mean to roll off of her to switch positions and fall ass-backwards off the bed. Or your girlfriend brings out her stilettos during foreplay, and accidentally opens up a gash in your thigh at the same time. Then there are enough time you attained for your palm sanitizer instead regarding lube, and positioned yourself inside agonizing (yet well-sterilized) soreness. The level is usually, we just concerning all have ridiculous, uncomfortable sex reports. In addition to be able to all the since an individual can appearance silly telling these folks, an individual kind regarding need to share stories, because, properly, intercourse. And that performs out that demonstrating other folks their particular many humiliating, entertaining in addition to be able to straight-up shocking secrets is probably typically the things folks appreciate the many about the Sound Software. That’s a fantastic anonymous confession application, which produces some of the most effective stories you will ever read. Could all of your tales leading this?

Size Concerns

Yeah, we will bet he identified it hilarious also.

The G. O. A new. T.

Maybe it was her way of implying you’re the Greatest Of All Time.

Drinking Can Be Dangerous

It’s like my uncle always told me: “If you’re having sex while drunk, make sure to bring a bucket. ”

Probably Illegal

We’re hoping she was just looking for camera advice.

Weave Been There Before

That just sounds like a poorly made weave.


Who is she having sex with, Bruce Banner?

Oh, Lord No

Hard to imagine why he’s your ex, huh.

Brutal Braces Malfunction

And every guy in the world reading this just winced.

*Insert Wand Joke Here*

The proper gentlemanly thing to do here is to turn off the TV, finish quickly, and then turn it back on.

Not Rough Enough

Poor dude.

Talking To Daddy

Unless he’s possessing a heart attack in addition to you’re the best paramedic, this is not really appropriate.

Getting Typically the Hiccups

Being laughed from during sex is not a joke.

Preferring Halo


Playing Dead

What the hell sort of twisted sh*t is this?

Nosebleed In the course of Sex

On the as well as side, for a new virgin, the thoughts of any nosebleed may only make him or her stay longer.

Breaking Your Tailbone

There’s surely been a brand new lawsuit over this unique somewhere.

I Feel A brand new Sneeze Coming

Well, all of the those openings are often connected somehow…

Hat tip in order to LAD Bible with regard to locating these.

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