Yvonne Strahovski Interview

Yvonne Strahovski Interview

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It’s been five yrs since Yvonne Strahovski first appeared as the sexy spy Debbie Walker on NBC’s cult favorite Chuck, along with its bittersweet finale earlier this specific year, the gleaming Aussie export is able to move on. She will can be found in next fall’s highly anticipated Seth Rogen comedy My Mother’s Curse, nevertheless first we have to be able to see a fresh side of the woman within a racy SoBe ad-campaign in typically the new Sports Created Swimsuit Edition that characteristics the self-described tomboy covered in practically nothing more than a new bucket’s worth regarding paint. Here, the lady discusses moving about from Chuck, just what it’s just like having a new complete stranger occurs body as a new canvas, and exactly why men should never ever, ever shave their particular chest hair.

Congratulations on Chuck. Usually are you sad of which it’s over, or perhaps excited to move on?

The end was very bittersweet, but I think we’re all excited to move on. There were a lot of tears on the last day regarding shooting, and i believe I actually was the many pathetic one, despite the fact that Zach [Levi] was inside close contention together with me. But that is exciting to be able to move on. That finished on the proper time. I consider five years generally is a fantastic work, especially inside this type of day in addition to era when an individual see so many shows increase as well as survive lower as compared to 6 episodes. Thinking of that many of us have been always across the real estate, it’s the fantastic triumph discussed between forged, team and followers — especially the followers, due to the particular fact these were the particular particular ones that will obtained us presently there. Talk in order to me about My Mother’s Curse, your own own upcoming humor along with Seth Rogen in inclusion to Barbra Streisand.  

It was really exciting! I really auditioned for associated with which and obtained that, and this had been excellent working together along with Barbra Streisand within addition to Seth Rogen. I really feel lucky we got to work with a amount of the large stories the town centre.

What was it really like working together with Seth Rogen?

His chuckle is the particular best thing actually. It may become so unique! This individual or she has been very cool, and the particular active between Barbra in addition in order to Seth was wonderful. I’m excited in order to be able in order to see what these people are like on-screen. It may become a very excellent combo.

Why perform you think several Australians have recognized success in Showmanship?

I think numerous of us are usually produced from a coaching backdrop, and analyzed that, which all of us have a brand new real sense concerning the art compared with how it, and many concerning us are experienced to do the american accent, which usually is usually some thing you absolutely need. We do believe, specifically for males, they have a tendency to become pretty rugged plus scruffy, and we believe the marketplace right here likes which type of vitality for his or her major men.

Let’s speak about the particular photoshoot you performed in addition to SoBe of which seems in typically the this year Sports Illustrated Bathing fit Edition.

SoBe called us, and We all was immediately intrigued because I’m typically the fan that belongs to them zero-calorie drinks, and was knew about Ashley Greene’s campaign, in addition to am loved individuals pictures. I had developed inside no way completed anything such since this before, so that it was the complete body painting factor that will received me fascinated to start with.

Was that uncomfortable having a new complete stranger paint your current own naked physique?

It was obviously a tiny. I woke up at midnight; that has been my call period of time. And I knowledgeable a body shade artist, Rodrigo by means of Costa Rica, who had been kind enough to generate his mother collectively to try as well as cause me to feel really really feel more comfortable round the proven fact that will We had the directly male body color artist, and the particular girl didn’t talk any type of English, in order to ensure that continues to be pretty funny. An individual sort of obtain used to this next numerous hrs. You type associated with think, “Who cares about you? ” plus it appears so actual a person feel protected anyhow. I actually really like the methods the particular photos wound up.

How did your parents respond?

They have been actually cool, really! These people thought this has been fantastic idea, in addition they genuinely adored the images.

Yvonne Strahovski shows all of us what the woman searches for inside guys, next…

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